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Preview for the 2024 High School Basketball Nationals

A ton of highly-touted prospects headline the 2024 High School Basketball Nationals in Indiana this week! Check out a list of the highest rated players set to take the court as Montverde Academy star forward and top rated 2024 recruit Cooper Flagg highlights the star-studded tournament with Prolific Prep 2025 5-star forward AJ Dybantsa, Christopher Columbus High School 2025 5-star forward Cameron Boozer, Long Island Lutheran High School 2024 5-star guard VJ Edgecombe and Link Academy 2024 5-star guard Tre Johnson!

1. Montverde Academy (30-0)

Montverde enters the annual event with an undefeated 30-0 record and is looking to secure a record-setting seventh national title, fueled by Gatorade National Player of the Year and Duke commit Cooper Flagg, plus trio of fellow 2024 5-star recruits Liam McNeeley, Asa Newell and Derik Queen. Kevin Boyle's team is favored to capture a third championship in the last four years and will open its 13th appearance at nationals with a rematch against AZ Compass Prep in the quarterfinals on Thursday night.

2. St. Paul VI Catholic High School (33-2)

St. Paul VI Catholic comes into the tournament with an impressive 33-2 record and is the second highest ranked team in the country with Duke commit and 2024 5-star center Patrick Ngongba leading the charge alongside 2024 4-star small forwards Isaiah Abraham and Darren Harris, and 2026 5-star guard Jordan Smith. Glenn Farello's team will make its second appearance in the postseason event and should have a chance to go on a run as after meeting IMG Academy in the first round.

3. Prolific Prep (31-5)

Prolific Prep arrives with a 31-5 record and is on the verge of making its fourth appearance at nationals with plenty of talent including 2025 5-star forward and top ranked recruit AJ Dybantsa, 2026 5-star forward Tyran Stokes, plus Alabama commits 2024 5-star power forward Derrion Reid and 2024 5-star center Aiden Sherrell. Ryan Bernardi's team opens the tournament against defending national champions Link Academy in the quarterfinals on Thursday at Brownsburg High School.

4. Long Island Lutheran High School (21-4)

Long Island Lutheran is currently the fourth ranked team in the country following a 21-4 record this season and is set to make its second appearance in the field. Baylor commit and 2024 5-star shooting guard VJ Edgecombe leads the way with 2025 4-star tandem Kiyan Anthony and Alier Maluk, plus 2026 5-star point guard Dylan Mingo. John Buck's team is scheduled to start the showcase with a battle against Christopher Columbus in the opening round.

5. Christopher Columbus High School (27-4)

Christopher Columbus holds a 27-4 record heading into the postseason event and will make its debut appearance at nationals with a dynamic roster including coveted 2025 5-star brothers Cameron Boozer and Cayden Boozer. Michigan State commit and 2024 4-star combo guard Jase Richardson is also joined by his brother 2026 5-star forward Jaxon Richardson. Andrew Moran's team will face a tough challenge in a rematch with Long Island Lutheran in the quarterfinals on Thursday afternoon.

6. Link Academy (25-6)

Link took home the first national championship in school history a year ago and could compete for a repeat as Texas commit and 2024 5-star guard Tre Johnson tries to end his career on top. Kansas commit and 2024 4-star guard Labaron Philon joins Johnson in the backcourt, while North Carolina commit and 2024 4-star center James Brown helps hold down the paint. Bill Armstrong's team will make its third trip to the tournament after reaching the championship game in both previous appearances.

7. IMG Academy (18-8)

IMG is one of the most established programs in the nation and is scheduled to make its sixth appearance at nationals after clinching a championship in 2019. Syracuse commit and 2024 5-star power forward Donavan Freeman is the highest rated recruit on the team this year with 2024 4-star forward Khani Rooths and 2025 5-star point guard Darius Acuff Jr in the mix as well. Sean McAloon's team could go on a run in postseason play but it would take an upset over St. Paul VI Catholic in the opener.

8. AZ Compass Prep (27-5)

AZ Compass suffered a loss to Link Academy in the national championship game last season and is looking to improve on its 27-5 record but a first round matchup with top seed Montverde will be difficult to overcome. Pete Kaffey's team will make its fourth trip to the tournament and is led by 2024 4-star shooting guard Vyctorius Miller, 2025 4-star point guard Jeremiah Fears and 2024 4-star forward Sammie Yeanay. AZ Compass is set to face Montverde in the final quarterfinals game this week.

First Round Matchups:

#1 Montverde vs #8 AZ Compass Prep

#2 St. Paul VI Catholic vs #7 IMG Academy

#3 Prolific Prep vs #6 Link Academy

#4 Long Island Lutheran vs #5 Christopher Columbus

Highest Rated Prospects:

1. Cooper Flagg (Montverde 2024 5-star forward)

2. AJ Dybantsa (Prolific Prep 2025 5-star forward)

3. Cameron Boozer (Columbus 2025 5-star forward)

4. VJ Edgecombe (Long Island 2024 5-star guard)

5. Tre Johnson (Link 2024 5-star guard)

6. Derik Queen (Montverde 2024 5-star center)

7. Derrion Reid (Prolific Prep 2024 5-star forward)

8. Liam McNeeley (Montverde 2024 5-star guard)

9. Asa Newell (Montverde 2024 5-star forward)

10. Aiden Sherrell (Prolific Prep 2024 5-star center)

11. Patrick Ngongba (St. Paul 2024 5-star center)

12. Tyran Stokes (Prolific Prep 2026 5-star forward)

13. Donavan Freeman (IMG 2024 5-star forward)

14. Robert Wright (Montverde 2024 5-star guard)

15. Darius Acuff Jr (IMG 2025 5-star guard)

16. Caleb Gaskins (Montverde 2026 5-star forward)

17. Jasper Johnson (Link 2025 5-star guard)

18. Cayden Boozer (Columbus 2025 5-star guard)

19. Kayden Allen (Montverde 2026 5-star forward)

20. Jordan Smith (St. Paul 2026 5-star guard)

21. Jase Richardson (Columbus 2024 4-star guard)

22. Khani Rooths (IMG 2024 4-star forward)

23. Labaron Philon (Link 2024 4-star guard)

24. Zoom Diallo (Prolific Prep 2024 4-star guard)

25. Kiyan Anthony (Long Island 2025 4-star guard)

26. Dylan Mingo (Long Island 2026 5-star guard)

27. Vyctorius Miller (AZ Compass 2024 4-star guard)

28. Darren Harris (St. Paul 2024 4-star forward)

29. Jalen Shelley (Link 2024 4-star forward)

30. Jeremiah Fears (AZ Compass 2025 4-star guard)

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Photo Credit: MaxPreps.


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